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With the JD  and Master of Public Administration (MPA) dual degree,  you learn and integrate the knowledge and skills to open up unique career opportunities, including with the government litigation and public administration.

Combined Study

Importantly, you can complete the JD and MPA with 18 fewer credit hours than if each degree were pursued separately. The program calls for the completion of 30 hours in the Public Administration program and 85 hours in the College of Law. Students receive elective MPA credit for 9 hours taken in law school and 6 hours of elective law school credit for MPA courses. This enables you to reach the required level of 39 hours for the MPA degree and 91 hours for the JD degree.

Valuable Curriculum

The MPA curriculum integrates your study of law with the principles and practices in public administration through courses such as:

  • Public Management Theory and Practice
  • Public Financial Management and Budgeting
  • Public Administration and Policy Process

  • Legal and Political Foundations

Career Options

The JD/MPA can prepare you for a range of career opportunities and positions, including: legal counsel for government agencies, court administrators, city attorneys, and administrators in government and not-for-profit agencies that lack internal legal assistance (e.g., small cities and towns, school boards, research and health centers). 

In addition, attorneys in private practice who obtain an MPA degree will be better equipped to represent their clients in litigation against government, in licensing matters, and in responding to regulatory requirements.

How to Apply

If you wish to enter the dual degree program, you must apply separately to the College of Law and to the Department of Public Administration. You will submit two applications and two application fees, as well as complete all standardized tests required for admission.

For More Information

Contact Professor James Van Nostrand in the College of Law or Dr. Maja Holmes in the Department of Public Administration at (304) 293-2614.

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