Owen Reynolds

Owen Reynolds



Before Law School...

Before Law School I attended The College of Wooster and received my undergraduate degree in Theatre & Dance as well as a minor in Philosophy. After undergrad I spent some time “finding myself” in Los Angeles, California. Ultimately I decided that big city life wasn’t my style so I applied to WVU and headed back home!


I grew up in Huntington, WV and have always harbored a deep and profound love for the state. I’ve been to a lot of different places around the world, but few can compare in terms of natural beauty. I plan to end up in WV or at least somewhere close by. That being the case, what better place to attend law school than WVU?

Law Interest:

As I said before, my background is in Theatre. I love public speaking and consider it to be one of my greatest strengths. Aside from Theatre, the law is one of the few areas where I could have the opportunity to utilize this strength (and maybe even make a little money doing it).


I’d love to be a Federal Prosecutor one day. Criminal Law has so far been the most engrossing of my courses, and we even got the opportunity to compose closing arguments! Needless to say I went a little overboard. I also have an on and off interest in politics. If I run for office one day, you can bet that I’ll do everything in my power to fight for your ideals! Yeah you! The one reading this right now!

Outside of Law School...

Well unfortunately there isn’t any time for theatre these days, but I also sing and can shred pretty hard on a ukulele. When I’m not at the law school or working on law school related things I’m usually playing a tune. I also love being outdoors and take frequent trips up to Cooper’s Rock. Oh, and ultimate frisbee. Find me sometime and we’ll toss a disc.

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