Student Intellectual Property Patent Services (SIPPS)

WVU Law EILC has developed a program to provide West Virginia student innovators with access to patent legal services and to afford WVU Law students the opportunity to be trained in intellectual property law and to collaborate with outside counsel.

Our signature project, the Student Intellectual Property Patent Services (SIPPS) pilot program is designed to identify, promote, and counsel start-ups and innovators emerging from non-traditional and educational settings.

In particular, SIPPS works with students from around the state who are participating in:

SIPPS is made possible by the generous support of the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, and with the support of a growing number of volunteer patent attorneys who provide pro bono assistance to students wishing to file a provisional patent application. Additionally, student attorneys and faculty at the EILC provide assistance with such issues as business formation, contracts and assignments/licenses, non-profit law, and non-patent intellectual property law.

If you, your firm, or your company would like more information on how you can help SIPPS and West Virginia’s next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, please contact:

Office: 304-293-4192
Fax: 304-293-7465

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